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大家还提供真空系统,包括冷冻干燥机,真空镀膜机,检漏仪,供应和服务真空泵及相关设备,包括大家自己的范围内KF(NW)/ ISO真空接头的自动化升级。   MECHATECH系统是所有的人,产品和解决方案。大家的核心人员是前员工的专业科学仪器制造商,施勋科技有限企业,与超过半世纪的经验相结合,在高真空工程。这意味着,大家不仅有专业常识和技术,但在一种方式,你就会明白,您的过程是相对的,大家也可以讨论您的要求。


从大家的客户,大家收到一些超级反馈:   “MECHATECH系统级的客户服务和技术通往常识组合帮助大家解决很多问题 - 无论是快速,准确。他们的服务价格有竞争力,他们的钱在市场上提供卓越的价值。迈克经常提供免费的技术咨询和有参观了在短时间内部门服务设备 - 通常是受益于当地的一家企业。“ 英国巴斯大学



“薇薇再次出站的工作,非常感谢你对你的帮助。” 英国巴斯大学   “我感到非常高兴的是,克莱夫的部分那里,然后来解决这个问题。”酶制造商


“再次感谢你的努力在整理大家的氩气室今年。”汽车制造商   “谢谢你的家伙”在过去的一年巴斯大学的支撑

MechaTech Systems Ltd are a team of UK specialists in the design and manufacture of high vacuum systems and control automation. The business arose from the ashes of Severn Science Ltd in 2008 and since then has gone from strength to strength in the manufacture and supply of the LyoScience (LS) range of freeze dryers, the Hyscan II gas analyser, and a comprehensive range of bespoke vacuum systems and scientific instruments:

We also offer automation upgrades to vacuum systems, including freeze dryers, vacuum coaters and leak detectors, and supply and service vacuum pumps and related equipment including our own range of KF (NW) /ISO vacuum fittings.   MechaTech Systems is all about people, product and solutions. Our core staff are former employees of specialist scientific instrument manufacturers, Severn Science Ltd, with a combined experience of over half a century in high vacuum engineering. This means that we not only have the professional expertise and the technology, but we can also discuss your requirements in a way that you’ll understand, that is relative to your process.

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest specification, at our UK factory. Each element of our manufacturing process is made visible to the client and all component product parts are fully supported in the UK, ensuring easy, cost effective maintenance. Consequently we have a satisfied and loyal clientele, both in the UK and globally, from small r&d laboratories to blue chip pharmaceutical companies.We also work extensively with the aerospace, defence and power generation industries, universities and a number of government research institutes.

We receive some super feedback from our customers:   "MechaTech Systems level of customer service and technical knowedge combined has helped us to solve many problems - both quickly and accurately. Their service rates are competitive and they offer excellent value for money in the marketplace. Mike has often provided free technical advice and has visited the department at short notice to service equipment - often a benefit from a local company. " University of Bath

"Please forward my thanks to Robin for doing a thorough job servicing our Edwards 306 last month." University of Cardiff

"John, many thanks for all your invaluable help yesterday." Specialist R&D company

"Vicki, once again an out standing job! thank you very much for all your help." University of Bath   "I was very pleased that Clive had the parts to fix the problem there and then." Enzymes manufacturer

"John, many thanks for the freeze dryer training you provided us with yesterday, it was very informative."Pharmaceutical manufacturer

"Thanks again for your efforts in sorting our Argon Chamber this year." Automotive manufacturer   "Thank you and the guys for your support over the last year" University of Bath

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